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Uncle Sam

Yep, that's me as Uncle Sam, backed by the Rocky Ridge Elementary School choir. The year was 1976, America's Bicentennial, and the porches of a patriotic nation were bedecked with tricolor bunting. The music of fife and drum filled the air, and gentlemen of taste and honor strolled down the boulevards in powdered wigs and long coats with silver-dollar buttons. Or perhaps it only seemed that way.

If I look a little perplexed in this photo, there's a reason. Having finished my prepared remarks, I've just heard Ms. Hayden, the music teacher on the left, informing the crowd that I would now lead the choir in singing "America the Beautiful," a song I didn't know all the words to, certainly not past the first verse.

Since then I've learned a lot about programming and technology in general, and have written four books about the subjects: Computer Science Made Simple, Think Like a Programmer, How Software Works and the new Think Like a Programmer: Python Edition.

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