May 2013

Think Like a Programmer: Additional Resources

Video Series

I have an ever-growing series of videos on YouTube. These cover some of the material in the book in a different way, so even if you have read the book, you should check these out.

Luhn Algorithm

Some readers may not competely understand the Luhn algorithm from the descripton in the book; here's an expanded explation.

Additional Explanation of the Luhn Algorithm.doc

Instructor's Exercise Guide

If you are using, or are considering using, Think Like a Programmer in a class or lab, please contact me ( for a copy of the instructor's exercise guide. In this guide, I offer suggestions for coaching students through the problem solving of most of the exercises -- without giving away too much, so that the student is still the one solving the problem.

Although this guide contains no answers to exercises, it does offer a lot of hints that could shortcut the problem-solving process, so please do not contact me for the guide if you are a student in a course using my text; ask your instructor or lab assistant for help, and encourage them to ask me for the guide if they don't have it already.

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