June 2016

Next Stop Budokan

Every since I heard all those screaming fans at the beginning of the live version of "I Want You to Want Me," I've been hopeful that one day, like Cheap Trick, I can be big in Japan. That will still probably never happen, but I am closer than ever before. First up, my most recent book, How Software Works, is now available in Japanese! I just received a copy, and it looks quite...purple.


Besides my name and the publisher's name, I have no idea what any of this says, so if you know, feel free to tell me. I'm especially intrigued by the question mark at the end of what I assume is the title at the top, and the exclamation point at the bottom. It's fun to imagine the possibilities: Is This a Hamster or a Rat? for the top, or Buy This Now! at the bottom.

The book construction is interesting. It's a printed soft-cover, with a dust cover, and then a kind of skirt on top of that. Here are the three pieces separated:


Anyway, it's always cool to see one's work translated. I hope readers in Japan enjoy it.

In related news, I've been told by my publisher that sales of the Japanese edition of Think Like a Programmer are really heating up. Cool!

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