My Books

Here's a list of all my books. Click on "Read more" to learn more about any individual title. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

How Software Works

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind your computer screen? How data actually protected when it's sent over the net, how  video games make amazing graphics in a fraction of a second, and how online map programs find routes? The answers to these questions (and many more) are now available in a book anyone can understand. Read more.

Think Like a Programmer

Are you struggling with learning how to program? Do you read code in programming books with problems, understand basic concepts like loops, "if" statements, and functions, but then freeze up when it's time to write a program all on your own? Does it seem like other programmers have some innate gift that allows them to see the way through to a solution? Help is here. Read more.

Computer Science Made Simple

Here's a small book with a big goal: giving an overview to the whole world of computer science. Learn about how computers work and what computer science is all about—spoiler: it's a lot more than programming! And it's all presented in a down-to-earth style that anyone can follow. Read more.